Does the SteriPEN really work?

Does the SteriPEN water purifier really work? By that I mean, can it be trusted to purify water in the field?

From what I’ve read, the SteriPEN seems like a great product.

It is a small UV water treatment device that runs on four AA Li or NiMH rechargeable batteries. It is great for treating water that you are unsure about very quickly.

As with any treatment that depends on UV irradiation, it is very important to pre-filter water of any turbidity or sediment. The product comes with such a pre-filter or I’d imagine running the water through a coffee filter would do the trick as well.

The UV light will disrupt the DNA of bacteria, virus and protozoa rendering them harmless. The suggested treatment time is 45 seconds for 0.5 L or 90 seconds for 1.0 L.

Li or NiMH batteries will allow approximately 100 L to be treated. Ordinary Alkaline or NiCad batteries are not recommended since the number of treatments permitted will be minimal. The UV lamp itself will last for 8000 treatments of 0.5 L (to a total of about 4000 L).

The main advantages of this kind of device seems to be time savings and convenience when only a small quantity of water needs to be treated. Chemical treatments generally require 30 minute waiting time.

For example, I can imagine making use of such a device if staying in a hotel in Mexico or on the trail to purify a glassful of clear water that has already been through a basic filter.

Has anyone used the SteriPEN and found any issues with this product?

Is this a product worth getting? I’m inclined to think so.

For more information see SteriPEN Water Purifier.

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